Aura Ferreiro, PhD

Postdoc Research Associate

Aura Ferreiro uses bioinformatic and experimental microbiology approaches to understand the role of commensal bacteria in disease trajectories, through their interactions with each other, pathogens, and the host. She is especially interested in low diversity, antibiotic-perturbed, and otherwise vulnerable gut microbiome configurations due to the inherent clinical importance of these microbiome states, and because of their utility as model systems by which to understand ecological succession and colonization dynamics in the perturbed gut. She seeks to understand fitness determinants of commensals and pathogens in the context of clinical interventions, towards the development of treatment strategies that mitigate exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics. Ferreiro received her PhD from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in 2021, and her BS from University of California Davis in 2013.